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The Budo no Mise
Affiliation with Amazon.com

Our budo no mise (martial arts store) is an authorized associate of Amazon.com, which provides the martial arts community a free way to directly support the Seishin-Kan and help develop the Web-Dojo into the Internet's premier source of information and instruction on traditional Japanese martial arts. Simply by first visiting the Web-Dojo, then linking to Amazon.com from our site, you can provide income to maintain and improve this web site, which directly assists the Seishin-Kan in maintaining this web site without costing you a penny extra! The money is paid to us by Amazon.com as a reward for referring you to them.

Amazon.com will pay the Web Dojo between 5% and 15% of the purchase price of any items you buy when you visit Amazon.com after linking there from our site. Any money we receive from this program is earmarked specifically to pay for enhancements to this site. So, as a way of supporting the Web-Dojo, we ask you to plan your Amazon.com in advance, then make a brief stop-over here on your way there and just use our link to go to Amazon.com. It's a few more seconds that can add up to a huge difference!

To go to Amazon.com from here, simply click on the Amazon.com logo on this page or on the budo no mise page.

Thank you for your support of the Web-Dojo!

Click this logo to link to Amazon.com
and support the Web-Dojo


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