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"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God"


-- Matthew 5:9


The IWU Budōkai affords the IWU community the opportunity to train in classical peacemaking arts, like karate-dō, iaijutsu, Okinawa kobujutsu, jōjutsu, and aiki-jujutsu.

For centuries, the Japanese word "budō" has been mistranslated as "martial arts."  Most likely this was because the first exposure Westerners had to classical budō was seeing these arts being practiced by the samurai of Japan.  Because defense of Japan was one of the principle duties of the samurai -- and certainly the role most apparent to foreign invaders -- they were originally mistaken for warriors or soldiers.  However, they should more properly be viewed as magistrates, because their responsibilities included all aspects of government and public administration; not just national defense and social order.  The word "samurai" means servant; not warrior.

The deeper meaning of the word "budō" is actually "the Way of Peacemaking."  Of course, to make peace ultimately requires the ability to stop conflict, which means the ability and the willpower to decisively defeat someone who is breaking the peace.  The skills needed to do this don't appear any different, on the surface, than the skills of a warrior -- hence the misinterpretation that they are martial arts.  But, in the truest sense, they are counter-martial arts!  The appearance may be no different, but the underlying purpose, attitudes, philosophy, and training are drastically different.

If you are interested in participating in the IWU Budokai, or in learning more about it, please contact us or check our training schedule and observe one of our training sessions.