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Promotion Requirements

Rokkyū (6th Kyū)

For promotion to rokkyū students must meet the eligibility requirements and demonstrate a working knowledge of the subjects described below:

1.      Sahō to Reihō  (Preparation and Etiquette)

Exhibit the correct dōjō formalities and informal etiquette, as well as being able to correctly explain the basic concepts of the Dōjō Kun, and assist with the maintenance and cleaning of the dōjō (perfrom sōji) and preparations for classes and other events.

2.      Kihon (Fundamentals):

Demonstrate correct execution of the following techniques:

  • Soto kuri-uke (outward curling-block)

  • Tate uke (vertical block)

  • Uchi Uke (cross-body block)

  • Jōdan sukui-uke (overhead block)

  • Uchi-otoshi (down-strike)

  • Gyaku furi-age uchi (up-strike)

  • Dō-barai uchi (lateral strike to ribs)

  • Tsuki-uchi (thrusting strike, jōdan and chūdan)

3.      Idō Kihon  (Basic Movement)

Demonstrate the use of yori-ashi (shuffling forward) footwork coordinated with bō strikes.

4.      Yakusoku Kumiuchi  (Choreographed Sparring)

Demonstrate ability to perform basic block and counter-attack combinations with a :

  • Against jōdan tsuki-uchi:  use soto uke with gyaku yoko-men uchi.

  • Against jōdan tsuki-uchi:  use soto kuri-uke with jōdan tsuki-uchi.

  • Against uchi-otoshi:  use jōdan sukui-uke with uchi-otoshi.

5.       Kata  (Patterns)

  • Hayashi no Kon Sho  (aka Shodan no Kon or Bo Kata Shodan)

6.       Gakka  (Knowledge)

Students must be able to briefly describe the major parts of the (at a minimum:  the moto, saki, and monouchi), and demonstrate the difference between honte-mochi and gyakute-mochi.  Students must be able to identify the style (Aragaki-Ryū) of Okinawa kobujutsu we practice and name the founder of the style (Higa Yasuhiro).

7.      Shikaku  (Eligibility)

To be eligible to test for rokkyū, students must successfully complete at least 40 hours of supervised training (minimum of two months), exhibit acceptable behavior (reihō) and attitude in the dōjō, and submit a written request for promotion testing and pre-testing evaluation.

Video of Hayashi no Kon Sho not currently available